Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP peopleandplanet.net
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Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP
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global action > films > earth report: countdown to johannesburg

Earth Report: Countdown to Johannesburg

Posted: 22 Aug 2002

Since April, Earth Report has started brand new series with a countdown to the Johannesburg World Summit for Sustainable Development (Rio +10). Featuring re-designed graphics, the new Earth Report films explore a host of different views on the global environment and sustainable development.

This award-winning series, made by the independent Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), features more interactive opportunities to find out about the issues presented in the programmes. As well as the resources and links on the Earth Report Web Site, TVE has linked up with BBC On-line. Every week, the BBC's veteran environment correspondent, Alex Kirby will be writing on issues related to each new programme in the series. Log on to BBC Online's Science and Technology pages to read the first in his series of articles.

TVE has also linked up with 360, a new internet iniative hosted by BBC, where anyone can communicate their ideas for practical solutions to world problems.

April series

A Fish too Far: how one West African state is taking on the European Union to ensure a sustainable fishery

Paper Tiger: Tasmania has the fastest timber clear felling rate in Australia and yet the woodchip industry claims a sustainable harvest

Rich Pickings: Earth Report goes to the Amazon with the endangered species police to find that wildlife smuggling is out of control

Green Gongs: Reporting from Ecomove, the European festival that has bought together the cream of environmental film-makers.

May series

The Long Road to Recovery: Do the social problems caused by the mass evacuations from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, outweigh the effects on health?

Baked Alaska: The arguments behind moves to open a new oil field in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

High-tech Harvest: Does biotechnology offer hope of a better harvest for Africa?

Tiger, Taiga: Can the vast natural forests of Russia's Far East, survive a post-Soviet, deregulated logging industry?

No Hiding Place (Part 1): War, hunting and habitat destruction threaten to wipe out our closest relatives - the Great Apes. Will a last ditch survival plan save them?

June series

No Hiding Place (Part 2): War, hunting and habitat destruction threaten to wipe out our closest relatives - the Great Apes. In a two-part programme, Earth Report assesses whether a last ditch survival plan can save them.

Land of the Rising Water: A football stadium on stilts is just one innovative solution to living in a flood prone country. Earth Report finds out how Japan tackles its water problems.

Not a Dirty Word: 20 jumbo jet crashes would make the headlines. But that's the rarely reported number that die each day from preventable water-borne disease. Earth report investigates why sanitation lags behind other development

July series

Paradise Regained? After 50 years as a coconut plantation, an ambitious project aims to regenerate the biodiversity of the Philippine island of Leyte, while boosting opportunities for its inhabitants.

Africa Breaking the Circle: African ministers and commentators give their outlook on Africa's environment and how innovative paths of development could make for a brighter future.

Healing the Rift: Land plus water equals food - the policy behind a project to revitalise Lake Baringo and its surrounding farmland, in Kenya's Rift Valley.

Silver River: a journey down the Arno: Once the jewel of Tuscany, but now polluted by industry and sewage, can the Arno river be brought back to health?

August series

The Three Planet Syndrome: How can more people, live better, on fewer resources? Sustainable housing projects in London may offer some answers.

Pay Now, Pay Later: Do small-scale success stories offer real hope for sustainable development at a global level?

Children of the New Millenium: Why do children suffer most from the effects of pollution and environmental damage?

Funding the Future: How 'challenge funds' can back sustainable business opportunities in disadvantaged communities that conventional banks won't touch.

Pumping Pressure: What impact will dwindling water resources have on our future ability to feed ourselves?

On the eve of the World Summit, TVE will stage a special Earth Report debate with the leading players at Johannesburg.

Earth Report is broadcast five times per week GMT on Monday @ 22.30, Tuesday @ 09.30 & 14.30, Wednesday @ 02.30 Saturday @ 19.30. For local broadcast times consult BBC World.

To order any of the films featured in the Earth Report series, email: . For further information email: or visit the TVE web-site: www.tve.org.

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