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Since the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, People & the Planet has looked at 31 key themes linking people and the environment. All these copies (1992-2000) are now available at a specially reduced price for Internet readers.

Receive the complete set of 31 issues for an all-in price of �31 in the UK (US$62 overseas). Single issues �1.50 in the UK (US$2 overseas), including postage.

Simply print out this form and post it with your cheque/payment order to the address below.

 Volume 1 Number 1/2: Earth Summit issue
 Volume 1 Number 3: People and Parks
 Volume 1 Number 4: Haiti's painful anniversary
 Volume 2 Number 1: Educating Girls
 Volume 2 Number 2: Water for life
 Volume 2 Number 3: Wildlife and people
 Volume 2 Number 4: Strategies for tomorrow's world
 Volume 3 Number 1: Life on the Margin
 Volume 3 Number 2: Families in a changing world
 Volume 3 Number 3: Investing in people
 Volume 3 Number 4: Environmental refugees
 Volume 4 Number 1: A World of Waste
 Volume 4 Number 2: Lakes and Inland Seas
 Volume 4 Number 3: Women for Change
 Volume 4 Number 4: Feeding a World of 8 Billion
 Volume 5 Number 1: People and Mountains
 Volume 5 Number 2: Greening the Cities
 Volume 5 Number 3: Rivers of Life
 Volume 5 Number 4: People and forests
 Volume 6 Number 1: Reproductive Health
 Volume 6 Number 2: Corals in Crisis
 Volume 6 Number 3: Health and the environment
 Volume 6 Number 4: Sustainable tourism
 Volume 7 Number 1: Sustaining the Soil
 Volume 7 Number 2: Year of the Ocean
 Volume 7 Number 3: The girl child
 Volume 7 Number 4: Survival of species
 Volume 8 Number 1: A world beyond 6 billion
 Volume 8 Number 2: Sustainable energy
 Volume 8 Number 3: The greening of industry
 Volume 8 Number 4: The ecology of hope

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