Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP peopleandplanet.net
people and poverty and trade
Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP
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100 ways to Make Poverty History
by John Madeley
Canterbury Press, UK, 2005. �5.99

This 'Action kit to change your world' contains 100 personal actions, that could help make a difference to the way that millions of people live in the developing world. ... more

Conserving nature - helping people
by Robert Fisher and William Jackson
IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, 2005

The central theme of this latest book from the World Conservaton Union is that environmental conservation can and must contribute more actively to the battle against poverty. ... more

The subsidy scandal

by Charlie Pye-Smith
Earthscan, London, 2002, �17.99 (hb)

Among all the causes of environmental destruction and social dislocation, government subsidies must rank high. Global spending on subsidies to farming, road transport, and the energy and water industries alone, is costing tax payers over $700 billion a year, not far short of the global spend on arms. ... more

Vital Signs 2003
by the Worldwatch Institute
Washington DC, $14.95

Failure to meet the needs of the world�s poorest citizens threatens long-term global stability, reports a new publication by the Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs 2003: The Trends That are Shaping Our Future. ... more

The Trade Trap
by Belinda Coote
Oxfam Publishing, 1996 second edition, �10.50

This book explains the complexities and difficulties of the international trade system and examines what poor countries can do about the trap in which they find themselves. ... more

A Buyer's Market
by David Dalton
Oxfam Publishing, 1994 revised edition, �2.50 / US$6.50

A short and simple guide to the complexities of world trade, which explains why countries that depend on the export of raw commodities can't win under the present system. ... more

by Colin Hines
Earthscan, London, June 2000, �10.99

Globalization is not inevitable. Localization is a better alternative. This is the book's message. "Politicians and business leaders tell us that globalization is inevitable", says Colin Hines, "but the consequences of globalization undermine local livelihoods, social fabric and spoil the environment". cover ... more

Hungry for Trade
by John Madeley
Zed Books, London, 2000, �9.99pb

He begins with the débâcle of the WTO Conference in Seattle in 1999. That provides a base for his argument that the fundamental need of our time for the poor of the world is food security. Far from increasing food security, the liberalisation of trade has undermined it. cover ... more

Trade for life
by Mark Curtis
Christian Aid, London, 2001, �9.99

The global trading system works well for most people in the Western world, providing a wide choice of goods and services at reasonable prices. But the same system is seriously and brutally failing the poor. This excellent well-researched book from Christian Aid explains why. And it has positive ideas as to how the system can be changed.cover ... more

Private Planet
by David Cromwell
Jon Carpenter Publishing, Oxford, England, September 2001, �12.99

A transfer of power from citizens to undemocratic institutions and private corporations is taking place all over the world - by stealth, says David Cromwell. ... more

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