Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP peopleandplanet.net
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Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP
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Dryland crisis threatens planet's poor
by Zafar Adeel, Uriel Safriel and Gregoire de Kalbermatten

Growing desertification worldwide threatens to swell by millions the number of poor forced to seek new homes and livelihoods. And a rising number of large, intense dust storms plaguing many areas menace the health of people even continents away, international experts warn in a new report, published today. ... more

Bangladeshi farmers banish insecticides
Two thousand Bangladeshi rice farmers have taken on the role of agricultural scientists and have found that they can save both time and money by reducing the use of insectcides and nitrogen fertiliser without compromising their yields, according to a new study. ... more

New study reveals rice harvests affected by global warming
Global warming could severely diminish rice yields, warns a new study from the Philippines. ... more

Europe cultivates organic foods and organic farmers
The circle of stars EU logo is about to blossom on packages of organic fruits, vegetables, breads, meat, dairy products, and possibly, even on wine bottles, following the adoption by the European Commission of the European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming. In the event, this has created 21 concrete policy measures to get more people to produce and eat organic foods. ... more

Farmers' right to use their own seeds protected by treaty
The advent of genetically engineered patented plants has resulted in an international treaty to protect the rights of farmers to save, use, exchange and sell seeds and cuttings produced on their farms. ... more

Soil erosion as big a problem as global warming, say scientists
by Tim Radford

Tim Radford in Seattle learns how soil loss is threatening humanity. ... more

Vietnam farmers cut pesticides, increase yields

The huge cost to farmers and the environment of the over-use of pesticides, is highlighted by an award-winning research project that has encouraged millions of Vietnamese rice farmers to reduce their use of pesticides. Maya Pastakia reports. ... more

World harvest falls as heat rises
by Lester R. Brown

This year's world grain harvest is falling short of consumption by 93 million tons, reducing world grain stocks to the lowest level in 30 years. As rising temperatures and falling water tables hamstring farmers' efforts to expand production, prices of wheat and rice are turning upward. ... more

Agricultural projects in Afghanistan at risk
Long-term agricultural development activities in Afghanistan are under threat unless urgently needed donor funds are provided, the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) warned today. ... more

Growth in food production will be higher than population growth, says FAO
The world's population will be better fed by 2030, but hundreds of millions of people in developing countries will remain chronically hungry, warns a new report published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). ... more

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