Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP peopleandplanet.net
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Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP
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Eat Here: Reclaiming homegrown pleasures in a global supermarket
by Worldwatch, Washington DC, 2004. Free to download (see below)

Parents, chefs, environmentalists, food business executives, and concerned consumers everywhere are demanding locally grown fare, according to this new book by the Worldwatch Institute. ... more

World Agriculture and the Environment
by Jason Clay
Island Press, April 2004, US$35.00 pb

Agriculture � the largest industry in the world � is one of the biggest threats to the environment. Inefficient food production and harmful agriculture subsidies are causing deforestation, water shortages and pollution, warns this book. ... more

by Jeffrey A. McNeely and Sara J. Scherr
Island Press, Washington DC, 2002, $27.50 pb

Although food-production systems for the world's rural poor typically have had devastating effects on the planet's wealth of genes, species, and ecosystems, that need not be the case in the future, argue two of the world's leading experts on conservation and development. ... more

Six Billion and Counting
by Klaus M. Leisinger, Karin M. Schmitt, and Rajul Pandya-Lorch
2002, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC, $14.95 pb

In 1999 global population surpassed 6 billion people, and this number rises by between 70-80 million people each year. This title examines the consequences of continuing population growth for the world's natural resource systems and for global food security. ... more

Food Supply
by Rob Bowden
Hodder Wayland, London, 2002, �12.99

This children's guide - one of an excellent series of 21st Century Debates - is aimed at 11 to 16-year-old schoolchildren. Making the point that we live in a world of food mountains and famines, where some people suffer from obesity while millions of others die of hunger, it examines the trends and issues behind such inequalities. ... more

International Food Policy Research Institute publications
The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has produced a number of publications under their 2020 Vision programme, released for the conference on 'Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020', held in Bonn in September 2001. Publications can be ordered or downloaded free (see below). ... more

Hands On - Food, Water and Finance
by Emma Judge
ITDG Publishing, London, 2001
Price: �12.95,

Based on the Hands On series of video films prepared by the Television Trust for the Environment and broadcast on BBC World, Hands On - Food, Water and Finance looks at innovations in agriculture, food processing, water and sanitation and small business development. ... more

Understanding soils
by Gillian Dorfman and Sharon Kahkonen
OUTREACH Series, 2002

This is the latest in the excellent OUTREACH Series of environmental materials for the use of media, community groups and educators. ... more

Books from Earthscan
The following titles from Earthscan, may be ordered directly from this leading environmental publisher. ... more

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