Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP peopleandplanet.net
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Drinking rainwater from banana leaf, Nigeria. (c) I. Uwanaka/UNEP
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Rivers are drying up and dying says WWF
On the world approaches World Water Day (March 22) a leading conservation agency says that many of the world's most important rivers are dying as a result of man-made problems, threatening humans and wildlife alike. ... more

Melting glaciers threaten Peru's future
Oscar-winning Al Gore chose to call his film about global warming An Inconvenient Truth. But for Peru it is more like an alarming reality, as the rapid melting of the Andean glaciers threatens the future development of the country, reports James Painter for the BBC. ... more

World is falling far short of water target
The world is in danger of missing targets for providing clean water and sanitation unless there is a dramatic increase in the pace of work and investment between now and 2015, according to a new UN report. ... more

Water crisis hits rich countries
Water crises, long seen as a problem of only the poorest, are increasingly affecting some of the world's wealthiest nations, according to the latest overview of water issues in the developed world, timed to coincide with World Water Week (August 20-26). ... more

Drought hits England's wildlife
As parts of England suffer their worst drought for years, a new report backed by a wide rang of environmental agencies says the profligate waste of the country's water has made a bad situation worse. ... more

'Blue revolution' needed to meet water needs
Water experts, meeting in Brisbane next month during the city's annual river festival will investigate the global challenge of meeting the need for water by a rising human population at a time of climate change. They will call for radical new approaches to tackle the threats to rivers and catchments, outlined here by Don Alcock. ... more

Help wanted to protect China�s Nu River
The Interantional Rivers Network (IRN) is appealing for help to keep the Nu (Salween) River in China flowing freely. The river is one of only two undammed rivers in China. ... more

Vanishing Jordan River needs global rescue effort
by J.R. Pegg

The Jordan River is dying and the Jordanian and Israeli governments are failing to come to its aid, according to local officials and environmentalists from both sides of the revered river, scene of many events of Biblical history. ... more

Russia's 'sacred sea' threatened by oil pipeline
Lake Baikal, the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world and a vital habitat for plant and animal life, is under threat by the construction of an oil pipeline. ... more

Freshwater shortages threaten the living world
The growing shortage of freshwater is likely to trigger increased environmental damage over the next 15 years, according to a widely researched report on the world�s waters to coincide with World Water Day (March 22). ... more

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